Simulation fellowship

RNSH is co-located with the oldest simulation centre in Australia, the Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre.

The clinical simulation and education provisional fellowship year is designed for anaesthetists who seek experience and expertise in simulation-based medical education.

Half the fellow’s time will be be spent gaining core skills and knowledge including

  • teaching and facilitation
  • interpersonal communication and debriefing skills
  • leadership and mentorship
  • developing and running a simulation-based course and curriculum
  • educational learning theory
  • human factors
  • practical aspects of simulation based medical education, including running high fidelity mannequins and moulage

The simulation fellow will gain experience through involvement in a range of courses including

  • anaesthesia based courses such as EMAC and ATTAAC
  • Emergency Response Unit courses in paediatrics, obstetrics, anaphylaxis and neuroanaesthesia
  • ICU and Emergency Medicine simulation programs
  • rural GP anaesthetist training
  • anaesthetic registrar simulation-based training
  • communication and debriefing training

The remaining 50% of the fellow’s time will be in clinical anaesthesia at RNSH, providing a broad exposure to the sub-specialties on offer, including complex vascular neurosurgery, obstetrics, burns, spines, vascular, and ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia.

Enquiries regarding the clinical simulation and education fellowship should be addressed to Dr Gerri Khong.