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CME Meetings

Perioperative Management of Pulmonary Hypertension

Dr David Boers

ClearSight System: Non-Invasive Haemodynamic Monitoring


Paediatric Traumatic Brain Injury

Dr Chris Kay & Dr Julian Laurence

Group and Hold Quality Project

Blood Bank & NSW Health Pathology

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What’s new in Obstetric Anaesthesia?

Dr Tim O’Loughlin


Dr Josh Smith

Volcanoes, Bushfires, COVID-19 and the Burns Unit

Dr Helen Jeffrey

Nuances and Complexities of Patient Capacity

Avant Mutual

Let’s Go Hunting: The National COVID-19 Surveillance Project

Dr Matt Doane

Interventional Neuroradiology

Dr Alice Ma

Anaesthesia in the Tropics

Dr Nilru Vitharana

Modern Multidisciplinary Trauma Anaesthesia

Dr Geoff Healy

Anaesthesia and Climate Change

Dr Oli Flower & Dr Roger Harris

Part 2 Teaching

Anaesthetic Emergencies(Part 1)

Dr Michael Rose

Anaesthetic Emergencies(Part 2)

Dr Michael Rose

Anatomy/Lower Limb

Dr Jamie Calder

Neural Anatomy of the Upper Limb

Dr Michael Rose

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Perioperative Pulmonary Complications

Dr Mincho Marroquin-Harris


Dr Oliver Hambidge

TEG and ROTEM(CVS Part 1)

RNS Perfusionists

Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events(CVS Part 2)

Dr Mincho Marroquin-Harris

Paediatric Anaesthesia

Dr Jim Macdonald


Dr Bill Bestic

ENT Surgery and Shared Airway

Dr Neroli Best

Journal Club

Peripheral Noradrenaline

Dr Anri Forrest