Medical students

The Department is linked to the Northern Clinical School at the University of Sydney.
As part of their medical training within the University of Sydney Graduate Medical Program, third or fourth year students each spend a four week rotation undertaking what is called the ‘Critical Care Block’. This consists of each student rotating through Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine.
The anaesthesia segment of the rotation involves students attending operating rooms during morning sessions (8 am -12 midday), Monday to Thursday for 2 weeks. During the afternoon they attend the Emergency Department. Each student will also join a pain round once during their term, to learn aspects of acute and chronic pain management. Basic and advanced life support training also takes place at the Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre adjacent to the hospital.
In theatre, students are allocated to a specific operating room each day. These weekly allocations are emailed to students at the end of each week. There is a comprehensive learning workbook for anaesthesia and critical care provided to students by the University. It should provide a framework for students’ learning opportunities.
In general, attachment to the Department allows students to learn applied physiology and pharmacology, provides an introduction to clinical anaesthesia, and an opportunity to learn practical procedural skills.

Students will gain the most out of their term by being proactive, asking questions, and seeking out learning opportunities. They should aim to observe and be involved in as many different types of anaesthesia as possible, and follow some patients from the pre-operative stage through to recovery. Clinical anaesthesia is physiology and pharmacology in practice, and students should aim to use the references in the workbook to read around these topics, and discuss them with the anaesthetist during cases.
For all enquiries regarding Sydney University medical student attachments, please contact Associate Professor Ross Macpherson ( 9463 2488).
The Department also accepts overseas and other Australian medical students on elective terms, and all enquiries regarding these placements should be directed to the Clinical School electives co-ordinator.